Companies and projects

Jørgen Mads Clausen is known as an entrepreneur supporting and starting new companies and projects both in Denmark and Internationally. He has always been a frontrunner and a role model when it comes to innovative ideas and entrepreneurship.

Creating jobs in Southern Jutland, particularly on Als has always been important to Jørgen. He continues to support businesses and projects when he can see it will add value to the community and many times also adding value to Danfoss.

Saltpower Aps

Turning salt into energy

The world’s first commercial energy production technology based on osmosis. The company develop and commercialize the concept of using osmotic power as a renewable energy source in which high salinity waters and freshwater is mixed to release energy. The solutions will support the transition to a clean and carbon neutral energy production.

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miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S

Minimum size with maximum power

The world’s largest manufacturer of oscillating boosters. The founder Christen Espersen started working at Danfoss as a young Mechanical engineer. He got the idea for the booster together with a colleague, unfortunately at the time there was no place for the product in the Danfoss portfolio. In 1993 Christen started the company and in 2000 Jørgen Mads Clausen and his brother Peter Mads Clausen bought part of the company – supporting a local entrepreneur.

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A dream come true

When Jørgen came up with the idea of a science based theme park a lot of people shook their heads. But in 2005 Jørgen opened “Danfoss Universe” with the support of his wife Annette Clausen. The dream was (and continues to be) to help the new generation derive pleasure from nature and technology and inspire more people to become entrepreneurs. The park is a place where you can see, learn and experience how technology works and thereby plant seeds in the next generation of engineers, mechanics, software developers and inventers. Apart from giving young people a new and fun experience  ith science and technology, the park was deliberately placed on Als to help and support development in the region.

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Danfoss A/S

Family-owned company

Danfoss has a long and proud history as a family company. Danfoss was founded in 1933 by Jørgen Mads Clausen’s farther; Mads Clausen. From 1996 to 2008 Jørgen was President and CEO of Danfoss building on the foundation created by his father. Jørgen still walks the hallways of the headquarter in Nordborg, being the chairman of the Board of Directors of Danfoss. Focusing on innovation and technology with a strong focus on sustainable solutions. Danfoss provides energy-efficient technologies for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and motor controls, and is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydraulic components and electronic controls for vehicles used within the construction, agriculture and road building industries. Danfoss is a supplier of solutions for renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

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Jørgen M. Clausen